Henry B. and Eunice Hemenway
Lyman and Lottie Hemenway family

Photos and articles courtesy of Karen Coleman-Hardy

           HENRY B.HEMENWAY                     EUNICE GUILD HEMENWAY


This photo shows Lyman’s mother Eunice Guild Hemenway with his 2nd wife Lottie and daughters. Back L to R, Grace and Gertrude. Front L to R, Blanche, Marjorie and Elma.



Too young to volunteer, Lyman ran off at the age of twelve to fight in the Civil War. He ended up as a drummer recruiting troops. He drummed up troops throughout Northern Illinois.


Dr. Lyman

This is the Lyman Hemenway family minus William F. who was probably serving at the time. Back row, L to R are Lyman’s second wife, Lottie Cummings, Grace Hemenway Eddy, Harold Parker, Elma, and Lyman. Front row L to R are Blanche Hemenway Evans, Gertrude Hemenway Parker, Marjorie Hemenway Byers, Percy (who died in young adulthood), Lorene and William Penn Eddy. Lorene and Marjorie are daughters by Lottie, whereas the others are by his first wife May Wilson.

Lyman’s girls

Lyman pictured front row, third from left.

Play: Artist's Life

Johann Strauss

Lyman front row second from right


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Blanche (center) and Lyman (right)
 harvesting strawberries

Lyman’s strawberry fields, which he tended all the while he lived in Bloomingdale.

Lyman's home                                   Lyman

Elgin Advocate Elgin, Illinois Saturday, Sept. 6, 1873


In this city, Aug.21, Horace R. Hemenway, (son of Charles) aged 21 years.
Mr. Heminway was a student in Elgin Academy, and will be remembered by those who were present at the closing exercises of that institution last June, as one of the six competitors for the prize offered for the best essay read on that occasion. By his gentlemanly deportment and thorough scholarship he had won the confidence and respect of both students and teachers.

Horace R.Hemenway’s broken gravestone. Located in the Wayne Center Cemetery